Leigh Webber's Story

Timperley teaching assistant and ex-smoker Leigh Webber beat lung cancer in January 2017. She has transformed her life, swapping cigarettes and junk food for regular running.

Leigh used to smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day, and in late 2016 she went to the GP with soreness across her shoulders - it was discovered that she had early stages lung cancer.

Just prior to that discovery Leigh had started running and had quit smoking after 40 years. An operation to remove part of her lung was successful and her cancer is in remission; her doctor says this is in part due to Leigh giving up smoking and getting fit.

Leigh explained: “The irony that they found lung cancer after I gave up smoking isn’t lost on me. But the fact is I smoked for all of those years so it really wasn’t surprising.

“I feel lucky because it could have been so much worse if they hadn’t found it when they did. I was also proud that my successful treatment was down to the fact that I gave up smoking and got fit before the cancer diagnosis.

“I’ve altered my attitude and have gone from smoking daily and eating junk food, to now running regularly as part of a local running club.”​